NOTE: I am not at liberty to redistribute the documentation used to build this model.

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Prepping the model for "assembly" animations

I've been careful to keep the hierarchy organized in such a way that I could show factory-style assembly operations, if I wanted to. Here's an example showing the various modules spread out a bit.

Reviewing the geometry...

Sometimes it's nice to have a look at the geometry with no wireframes, colors, or textures as distractions. Here are a few ambient occlusion outputs which served that purpose. (For you MODO users, these used 512 samples.)

Update, summer of 2018:

I'm currently updating this model to show all the changes Piaggio is making with the P180 "Evo", and I'm also creating models of their unmanned surveillance variant, and a long-range patrol version. This is an ongoing project, "forever", so check back occasionally. Here's a new render of the "Evo" version. (added winglets)

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