Northrop T-38 "Talon"

This model features an accurate scale exterior, medium-level interior, and (in .lxo format) is rigged for animation, including retractable landing gear with sequencing gear doors, animated flight controls, and a functional lighting system, including the rotating beacon and retractable landing light. If you're new to modeling, you'll appreciate that the (public domain) documentation is included, as well as the original sub-d parts and boolean cutters, so you can reverse-enginner my methods for building and animating this historic aircraft. This model and it's rigging are covered more extensively in my "Modeling with MODO, Volume Four - Details". Click here for a preview.

The model:


The cockpit includes a few details, including modern MFD-style (Multi-Function Display) panels and ejections seats, but needs further work to be accurate. (Most t-38's still have analog (round dial) instruments.) Full-length jet intakes are included, and the engines have fan blades at the front and rear, for more accuracy when viewed through the ducts. The model uses simple materials, rather than UV maps, so it can be colored any way you like. In .lxo format, the model includes two "master controllers" for the rigged parts. One controls the wing and tail surfaces for making flight turns, and the other one controls a combination of the landing gear, it's sequencing gear doors, the flaps, and the retractable landing light. Oleos on the main landing gear extend as the gear retracts, so that it's properly stowed toward the center of the fuselage. (Otherwise, it would protrude through the very thin wings.)

Landing Gear, Flaps, Speed Brakes, and Landing Light Rigging:

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