J-50 "Sport Jet" Design:

My first version of this aircraft (then labeled "J-47") was built to fly as an RC aircraft. For the (lengthy) original article on this aircraft, click here. It was originally designed for economy, and therefore would've been powered by a pusher propeller engine in the tail.

Years later, I redesigned the aircraft to have slightly different proportions, as well as leading edge flaps, for better performance as a turbine-powered model. This one can be used as the basis for an RC model, or can be used as you see fit, as a part of your 3D world.

The concept here was to create a high-performance jet aircraft that could be used by an individual, for personal transportation. As such, it includes a baggage area behind the seat.

Model Features:

  • Appropriate exterior shape suitable for a flying model in the 18th to 1/6th scale range (CG marker included in the model.)
  • Control surfaces are modeled. (flaps, leading edge flaps, ailerons, rudders, tailerons)
  • Basic landing gear and doors are included.
  • Simulated interior jet intakes are included. (probably should be modified for turbine use)
  • A basic cockpit is included, for your use in renderings. (no pilot)

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