Boeing 727-100 precision scale model

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This is the historic first model of the Boeing 727, the "dash 100", which first flew in 1963, and went into service in 1964.

Note: All of the images on this page are actually 1600 pixels wide, so if you drag them to your desktop, you can view the larger versions.


This is one of the most complex models I've built. The complex wing parts (slats, Krueger flaps, spoilers, ailerons, and triple-slotted Fowler flaps, are all included. To save you the trouble of rigging these things, (which might not transfer from one file format to another) I've included separate folders with those parts "up" and "down", so you can simply turn them on and off, for the effect you like. The human figures shown in these renderings, for scale, are not included.

This model has all the window and door openings, moveable doors and control surfaces, (including trim tabs) scale retracting landing gear and doors. The cockpit has a moderately-detailed interior, ready for image mapping.

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