Piaggio "Avanti" P180 precision scale model

Note that there are now TWO articles on building 3D models of this aircraft. The one you're viewing is the 2010 hard-poly version.

Click here to see the newer 2014 model, which has much more detail, and is all Catmull-Clark subdivision surfaces. ("Psubs", in MODO) When the 2014 model is ultimately complete, it will be available here too.

Click here for a brief video showing a preview of the new 2014 Piaggio P180 "Avanti II"


The P180 has three sets of flaps... One set on the canard, (foreplane) and two different sets on each wing. (single-slotted flaps inboard and Fowler flaps outboard) I've got them all in their "down" position for these renders, so you can see the configuration.

This model has all the window and door openings, moveable doors and control surfaces, (including trim tabs) scale landing gear and doors, and a complete interior.

Updates to the animation rig:

First, a render of the new landing gear rig in action...

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